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Boos Blades are manufactured to precise quality standards with cutting edge materials. If used properly your Boos Blades should last a lifetime. In the rare case something goes wrong, Boos Blades are covered by a limited lifetime warranty. Should you knife ever fail due to manufacturing or materials defects, the knife will be repaired, replaced or refunded free of cost.

Disassembling your knife will not void our warranty but please disassemble knives using only high quality Torx screwdrivers such as Wiha, Wera, etc. 

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Liability disclaimer: By purchasing a Boos Blades product the buyer assumes sole responsibility to understand and follow all applicable federal, state, local, and international laws in buying and using knives.

The buyer agrees to release Boos Blades from all liability from the purchase, ownership, transportation or use of the items as related to applicable laws and regulations.

Boos Blades assumes no responsibility for any harm, injury, or unlawful use resulting from the sale, trade or use/handling of any Boos Blades products.