About us

Hey everyone,

I'm Will, a Kansas City native with a desire for creating. My passion and love for knives consumed me so much that my first knife design, the Aero, was actually for a college project when I was learning CAD. I decided to run with it and created Boos Blades in 2017. After a couple of runs of the Aero, I designed the Smoke as a challenge to myself to create a slim front flipper.

Feeling that designing was just not enough for me, I wanted to take manufacturing into my own hands and bought a 2004 Sharp CNC machine in October 2018. Diving into machining, I watched countless videos and scoured thousands of machinist forums to become a self taught machinist. Along with machining, I studied knife finishing and sharpening to perfect the in-house knives. 

I am immensely grateful for all the support and positivity that I've received along my journey. I strive to create beautifully machined, minimalist knives for those looking to break into custom knives while also offering production knives for those who want to get sleek design at a more affordable price.